Highlights of the Summit

  • Maximise corporate and people performance with effective leadership strategies
  • Grow your business through talent management and HR strategy
  • Identify and acquire your talent; how to start the talent management process; creating the right definitions of what talent means for your company; and how to manage and act on results
  • Engage your staff. Employees who feel that they are a part of the business and understand more importantly the corporation’s goals are more willing to commit and deliver their working best to achieve those goals
  • Implement Change Management and best practices for a secure strategy of change, including understanding the key drivers to pull to deliver sustainable change within the organisation
  • Improve your Retention and Succession Planning - the vital keys needed. Learn how to implement a good retention and succession strategy
  • Deliver effective leadership strategies. Leaders who stand out from the crowd are those with exemplary communication skills. Repeatedly, communication is cited as the most frustrating aspect of a business. Learn how to increase your business effectiveness by using these no-fail strategies to improve communication in your organisation

The HR Directors International Summit will include renowned keynote speakers giving not-to-be-missed presentations, interactive sessions and workshops on:

Talent Management

Talent management continues to be a major concern for most HR Directors. Even during the recent economic upheaval most companies have held fast to their belief that a successful talent management strategy is an essential component of their overall business strategy. This event will cover talent issues such as employment law, on-line recruitment, recruitment marketing strategies, internal and external methods of recruitment, high potentials and succession planning.

People Performance and Development

People development strategies to facilitate organisational change .People performance, management and optimization and achieving your business objective is through the development of your people by shaping their mindsets and providing the right knowledge and skill sets. Including the currency of trust - how to gain your people’s trust. Motivating senior people and gaining their buy in for ultimate performance.

Leadership Development

Although leadership is a skill that can be developed, many people underestimate what is truly required. To be effective, leadership development must go past simply accumulating knowledge and instead concentrate on changing leadership behavior. As the Buddhist saying goes: "To know and not to do is not to know at all."

Recruitment and Retention

As recovery from the severe global recession begins and business starts to pick up pace again, it is generally accepted that companies will begin to recruit again. Two clear challenges exist: to prepare the recruitment strategy that your company wishes to implement and, arguably even more important, to develop retention strategies to protect your company’s most important assets -- its people.


Join interactive sessions to explore which HR functions are being outsourced and which HR functions are being bought back in-house. Many companies have now successfully launched Shared Service Centre's and others are actively considering doing so. This event will explore trends and compare strategies as well as focusing on essentials such as the relationship with outsourcers and the importance of service level agreements.

Executive Coaching

The executive coaching process and its associated on-the-job learning assignments are the preferred methods of developing leadership at all levels. It is not a surprise that executive coaching focuses exclusively on areas that each leader needs and wants to develop. It has a proven track record of turning ideas into enhanced attitudes and behaviours within the workplace.

Technology-Enhanced Learning

Technology-enhanced learning refers to the specialist area that encompasses virtual and physical technology-enhanced learning environments.  This incorporates physical learning spaces, institutional virtual learning environments, personalised learning environments and mobile and immersive learning environments. The summit will draw on international best-practices in leadership and adult learning to maximise your success in making desired behavioural changes within your workplace.

Change Management

It is essential that companies have the tools, techniques and skills needed to facilitate organisational change through effective communication while maintaining internal and external branding and adhering to employment legislation. Companies are continually changing and evolving: the role of HR is to act as a catalyst or agent for change by maximizing employee engagement throughout the company. This event will explore these challenges in depth.

Facilitated Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring for talent engagement and development. Skilled coaching or mentoring should be an integral part of any management development strategy. The development of an internal process of coach / mentors will produce and sustain significant long-term benefits for the corporation. See how this is achieved for optimum results.

HR Technologies and services

How can these help you to achieve more with less. Alignment of HR with your corporate business strategy. HR effectiveness and measurement. Including

  • Optimising core HR software solutions to minimise risk, cut cost and increase overall HR business efficiency
  • HR Analytics poised to transform Human Resources
  • The Staff cloud:Staffing in the cloud computing era
  • Enterprise Resource Planning for future growth of HR processes
  • Benefits of Human Capital Management software in HR

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement and customer satisfaction are critical to profitability, learn key strategies how people-focused management leads to company profitability and engaged employees hear real-life case studies showing how organisations can improve performance through an integrated approach to external and internal marketing, in order to maximise the engagement of customers, channel partners and employees.Focusing on the role customer and employee engagement plays in achieving organisational objectives. Explore best ways to engage your staff. Employees who feel that they are a part of the business and more importantly understand the corporation’s goals are more willing to commit and deliver their working best to achieve those goals.

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning and how to accomplish and embed this successfully within your organization including workforce planning and analytics including insight, capability and capacity planning and the steps you need to drive performance outcomes.

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