Key Topics

The Summit will include key areas on how you can successfully put into practice and apply:

HR Strategy

  • Turn your strategy into execution and create a lean HR organisation
  • Workforce Planning: Accomplish your business goals and strategy through effective workforce planning
  • HR Design: Design the right programs and systems and maximise your human capital management
  • Technology: How to evaluate technology including vendors and solutions to get a total overview of your employees.
  • Data and Analytics: Use Data to summarize critical findings to support your next talent decisions.
  • Flexible Work Solutions: How to measure the effectiveness of adaptable solutions to drive strategic workstyle trends
  • The Virtual,Global Workforce: use virtual solutions to connect a distributed workforce,to attract and retain global talent

Talent Management:

  • Recruitment Design: Develop a proactive talent acquisition strategy
  • Branding and Social Media: Using social media to source hires and build your employer brand
  • Sourcing Talent: sourcing strategy with technology, social media, and recruiting analytics.
  • Assessment: Selecting the right talent for your organization
  • Technology: By using technology to assist in all of your recruiting strategies.
  • Data and Analytics: evaluate and identify the talent you’ll need through data and analytics
  • Targeted Hiring and Design: Develop a targeted recruiting strategy to easily attract the candidates you need.

Management and Leadership:

  • Leadership Strategy: Discover ways to drive employee engagement through leadership strategies and development.
  • Building and Leading Teams: Learn how to identify employees that will contribute to a high-performing team
  • Innovation: How to create an innovative culture to creative performance and innovation
  • Retention: understand the dynamics of retaining talent and know how to manage talent with retention as your goal.
  • Change Management: Learn about the need for and process of hiring change agents to implement your change strategy
  • Employee Engagement: Learn how to implement a structured and innovative employee engagement culture
  • Succession Management: Learn ways to identify and define the leadership skills you need at the top to identify a successful succession strategy

Learning and Development:

  • Onboarding: streamline your new hire processes and manage new employee data to drive your onboarding programmes
  • Outplacement: Develop your learning strategy and measure its effectiveness in training your employees and create a top learning culture
  • Learning Technology: Discover how to find the technology that aligns with your development needs
  • Career Development: create development programs for your employees dynamic development and career opportunities
  • High Potential Development: Develop your high-potential leaders, capitalizing on their high performance to achieve crucial business goals.
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Find out what coaching and mentoring can do for your organisation
  • Performance Management: Create a high-performance culture in your organization With the help of performance management systems

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